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September 07, 2017

Summer’s almost over, but our interns’ careers are just getting started.



Julio getting some "hands-on" education on the factory floor.

Julio getting some “hands-on” education on the factory floor.


Last month, Champion Fiberglass said goodbye to Julio Soto, one of our two summer interns. Soto is returning to his senior year at Rice University where he’ll finish his degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CHBE) with a minor in Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAAM). We spoke with him about what he’s learned this summer.

There’s always more to learn about fiberglass conduit.
I’ve learned that the fiberglass conduit business is a growing market. I didn’t realize the vast number of applications fiberglass conduits had. They have been used under bridges, in dams, and even underground.

Goran Haag, President, is a great source for advice.
Goran has encouraged me to not get too fixated on the problems themselves, but to instead focus on finding the solutions. I’ll use this piece of advice whenever a problem presents itself not just in my professional career, but also in my personal life.

Life and work in Houston can be balanced. The weather, not so much.
After work, I’d visit Collins Park on most days, either to run or to play soccer. I also enjoyed playing snooker at the local pool hall with my friends. I think there are a lot of job opportunities in Houston that I can pursue after I receive my degree.
I’ve even gotten used to the extreme humidity and heavy rain, so I can see myself living here in future!

Learning moments. The most valuable part of any internship.
My biggest learning moment was when I sat down with Kyle Owens, Plant Manager and was asked to break down a process into its simplest steps in order to fully understand it. This allowed me to understand what variables I was working with and to identify problems in an easier manner.

Another big moment was speaking with Jessie Garcia about all the intricacies that keep the company running, as well as the qualities of being a leader. He highlighted the importance of respect and communication between the individuals in a company.

And now, off to a bright future.
I am going back to Rice University for my senior year. I am focusing on finding a full-time job and finishing off my undergraduate degree.

Champion Fiberglass would like to thank Julio for spending his summer with us, and for working so hard alongside us. We’d also like to thank him for bringing his youthful energy to our everyday operations. We see big things for your future, Julio. Congratulations, and good luck in your final year of undergraduate studies.


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