Benefits of Champion Fiberglass RTRC vs. other in-market materials for above ground applications

Compare Champion Fiberglass conduit to other conduit materials, and you’ll find that the benefits speak for themselves.

Champion Fiberglass RTRC offers:

  • The lightest weight (for many diameters) of any in-market conduit product.
  • The lowest installation rates for most diameters according to the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Manual of Labor Units.
  • Low burn through.
  • Ability to stand up to extreme conditions.
  • The broadest range of corrosion resistance of all in-market conduit products.
  • Shape retention after impact or compression.
  • Extended support spacing distances for several Champion Duct® and Champion Haz Duct® conduit diameters on par with those of GRC and PVC-coated steel. Champion Fiberglass is the only fiberglass manufacturer to offer UL Listed conduit featuring these expanded support spacing distances.

Champion Fiberglass conduit above ground specifications

Manufacturing Information to Be Included

  • NEMA TC 14
  • UL 2515 AG (Above Ground)
  • Manufacturer and Reseller (if the conduit was modified or bent other than by the manufacturer)
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Elbows shall be marked with the angle and radius
  • All conduit, elbows and fittings are manufactured in the U.S.A. and marked as such

Fire Resistance and Flame Spread

Meets the UL specifications for Above Ground use, i.e. the flame:

  • Extinguishes within 30 seconds each time after 4 consecutive applications of 15 seconds
  • Extinguishes within 60 seconds after the 5th flame application, also being 15 seconds in duration


  • Meets listed maximum values when tested in accordance with ASTM E-800
  • Does not contain any compounds that can release halogens in more than trace amounts when burning


Champion Fiberglass has a current Certificate, issued by an independent and accredited company, of compliance with an ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems and Performance.

Additional Information

For dimensions, electrical and mechanical specifications, and in-depth joining system information, click here.

Champion Fiberglass products for above ground installations

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