Product Information

Product Information

Below, you’ll find in-depth information on Champion Fiberglass® products. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us so we can connect you with answers.

Product Information

Always Available. Always Affordable. The Strength and Engineering You Can Depend on.

Learn key benefits of fiberglass conduit such as its light weight and corrosion resistance.

Buried Utility Flyer

Learn how burying utility and transmission lines in fiberglass conduit can help reduce risks from wildfires.

Champion Duct Fiberglass Repair Kit™

Learn more about the Champion Duct Fiberglass Repair KitTM, a fast curing, in-field fiberglass conduit repair system ideal for cracks, breaks, reinforcing joints, and corrosion proofing—in virtually any situation, even underwater.

Champion Fiberglass Conduit Calculator Flyer

Follow the easy three step process for using our conduit calculator to compare conduit types and receive an estimate.

Champion Fiberglass Phenolic Conduit Adhesive

Learn about the adhesive system for bonding phenolic conduit.

Champion Fiberglass Product Comparison Chart

See how fiberglass conduit compares to PVC, GRC, PVC-coated steel and aluminum in weight, burn-through and installation rates.

Champion Haz Duct® Conduit Flyer

In this piece, find the specifics for Haz Duct® conduit including part numbers.

Champion Strut Flyer

For Long-lasting Project Performance, Champion Strut is a Complete System of Fiberglass Channel & Non-metallic Components. 

Corrosion Resistance Guide

View the extensive list of chemicals that Champion Fiberglass® conduit provides resistance against.

Elbow eGuide

With one of the lowest coefficients of friction, learn how fiberglass conduit elbows benefit projects in data center and utility applications.

Electrical Conduit Cost Savings for Electrical Engineers and Contractors

Discover tools and recommendations to optimize a project for cost savings.

Epoxy Adhesive Calculator Flyer

Discover how to estimate adhesive needs with our dedicated epoxy adhesive calculator.

Five Fiberglass Conduit Myths Flyer

We’ve debunked some of the more common fiberglass conduit myths about price, applications, toxicity and more.

NECA Manual of Labor Units

This flyer illustrates conduit and elbow installation rates by conduit type — PVC, GRC, PVC coated steel and aluminum.

No Burn Through Fiberglass Applications Flyer

Discover how Champion Duct® and Champion Haz Duct® fiberglass elbows excel across many applications and find size and part number information.

Phenolic UL 2196 FHIT 130 & 502 Listing

Champion Flame Shield Phenolic conduit is UL 2196 Listed up to 2-Hours as part of FHIT 130 & FHIT 502 for both vertical & horizontal installations.

PVC Comparison Chart

See how fiberglass conduit compares to PVC conduit and PVC-coated steel.

PVC Shortage Guide

Fiberglass conduit provides a timely solution to supply issues. Learn the benefits of fiberglass conduit over PVC SCH 40 and 80 in a visual guide.

Radix Wire & Cable FHIT Listing w/Champion Fiberglass Phenolic Conduit

Read more about how Radix Wire & Cable and Champion Fiberglass XW™ phenolic system conduit work together to provide 2-hour fire protection.

Subways and Tunnels Phenolic Flyer

Get more information about specific requirements of tunnel projects as well as fiberglass conduit performance in tunnels.