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June 10, 2019

Fiberglass Elbows Protect Data Center Infrastructure

As reliance on high-tech surges, day-to-day activities are increasingly dependent on data centers as they handle mission-critical data and processes for business, government and organizations. In designing data centers, it’s important to preserve and secure technology infrastructure while addressing future scalability. Cost containment protection of the massive amount of wire and cable from elbow burn-through [...]

December 10, 2018

Did You Know? Key Benefits of Fiberglass for Conduit Specification

Project owners, engineers, and contractors have always been interested in saving money, streamlining installation, and ensuring long-term performance of all aspects of their projects. Fiberglass conduit is an important tool in their arsenal to accomplish these goals.

September 05, 2018

Specifying Champion Fiberglass is Proven to Save Construction Costs (and the Day)

On time and under budget! That’s the dream scenario for any construction-related project. Electrical engineers can help a project reach this achievement by making one crucial decision – specifying Champion Fiberglass as the conduit of choice. When it comes to protecting electrical cables there are a number of different options available, but only Champion Fiberglass’ […]