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Recent FAQs

FAQ: Which conduit should I use in high impact areas?

For special applications, XWall conduit with a thickness of .25″ can be used. Many of the telephone companies use this type of conduit for protection of fiber optic cables in above ground installations. XWall conduit has been shown to stop a .22 caliber bullet. Use the Champion Fiberglass Conduit Calculator to estimate possible savings when […]

FAQ: How do I determine the proper conduit to use for Under Bridge applications?

Please refer to the deflection charts on pages 58 – 61 in the Engineering section of this catalog. After determining the weight of the cable and maximum allowable deflection (typically not exceeding 5/8″ or 16mm), use the deflection charts for selection of conduit type and support distance. See updated support spacing distances for Champion Fiberglass […]