Installation Information

How do I calculate the number of joints and adhesive cartridges necessary for a project?

Champion Fiberglass makes it easy to determine the number of joints and adhesive cartridges necessary for a project with our Epoxy Adhesive Calculator. Simply enter the conduit size, lengths, total feet to install, number of sockets and adhesive size specific to your project, then press submit to calculate an estimate. Visit the Epoxy Adhesive Calculator.

What are your newly extended support spacing distances, and what is the benefit to me?

In 2016, our Haz Duct® XW Conduit was UL Listed for extended support spacing distances. Now, that UL Listing has grown to include expanded support spacing distances for our Standard, Medium (UL designates Champion Fiberglass MW for 5″ and 6″ as SW), and Heavy Wall fiberglass conduit. Support spacing distances for some diameters have doubled – others have tripled. This means you spend less on hangers and save even more on installation. Visit our infographic to see how our new expanded support spacing distances stack up to PVC-coated steel and other materials.

Can Champion Fiberglass be bent in the field?

Champion Fiberglass can easily be bent in the field with a PVC Hot Box. Additionally, due to its light weight, ease of cutting, and integral bell, fiberglass conduit is very easy to install.

What are the benefits of Champion Fiberglass’s epoxy adhesive system?

The epoxy adhesive system makes the fiberglass joint as strong as the conduit itself. Another benefit of Champion Fiberglass’s epoxy adhesive system is in its three distinctive curing times, allowing you to choose the curing time that’s right for your job, ensuring you get the working time you need to make adjustments before the adhesive bonds permanently. Curing times range from 3 – 5 minutes to 30 – 45 minutes. Champion Fiberglass can recommend an epoxy system based on your project, environment, and temperature. To estimate the number of joints and adhesive cartridges necessary for your project, see our Epoxy Adhesive Calculator.

What are the labor savings for installation and how can I calculate?

It’s easy to compare labor savings for Champion Fiberglass conduit to other in-market materials. The NECA Manual of Labor Units allows you to compare the average installation rates (per 100-foot length of conduit) for several materials. From there, you can use your average hourly rate to figure savings vs. each material.

Use the Champion Fiberglass Conduit Calculator to estimate possible savings when using Champion Fiberglass Conduit vs. other in-market conduit materials.

Do you have any video guides for installation?

Yes, you’ll find helpful videos on field cutting, bending epoxy conduit, bonding epoxy conduit, gasket joint insertion, interference and gasket joint assembly, interference and adhesive joint assembly, and bonding phenolic conduit here.