Application Overview

Champion Fiberglass has been providing conduit systems for bridge projects for decades. From custom-colored conduit for Pittsburgh’s Seventh Street Bridge to the Blue Water Bridge in Canada to the Golden Gate Bridge, we’ve completed thousands of bridge projects in the transportation/infrastructure sector. We’ve been supplying durable, cost-effective, American-made electrical conduit for more than 30 years. As a result, electrical engineers increasingly rely on our fiberglass (RTRC) conduit when bridge projects require a lightweight, easy-to-install, corrosion-resistant conduit system.

Featured Video

Bridge Hangers & Fiberglass Conduit Duct – Installation Guide

Our new Bridge Hanger animation demonstrates how fast and easy it is to install light, sturdy fiberglass conduit onto bridges.


Epoxy Fiberglass (RTRC) conduit is lighter and less costly than galvanized rigid steel conduit (GRC) and PVC coated rigid metal conduit options. RTRC also offers best in class field handling due to its light weight, ease of cutting and integral bell, making it the clear choice for bridges and state DOT (Department of Transportation) projects.

Electrical Conduit for Bridge Projects

Bridge projects call for lightweight conduit that doesn’t sacrifice strength. Champion Fiberglass conduit keeps these projects on budget and lowers manpower costs with durable, corrosion-resistant conduit.

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