Champion Bridge Drain®

Product Overview

Champion Bridge Drain is a versatile, high-strength fiberglass bridge drain system that includes a complete line of fittings, non-metallic accessories and hangers. It is commonly used on roadway bridges and parking garages. Champion Bridge Drain components are made using epoxy resin for ultimate strength, corrosion resistance, and flame retardancy in these environments.

Champion Bridge Drain

The Champion Fiberglass Bridge Drain system features:

better performance
  • Lightweight – Champion Fiberglass Bridge Drain features a weight that’s up to 1/5 that of comparably sized cast iron bridge drain.
  • Lower installation costs – In addition to lower material costs, Champion Fiberglass Bridge Drain features lower installation costs.
  • Excellent temperature range – Champion Fiberglass Bridge Drain has an excellent wide temperature range (-60° to +250°), and handles well at low temperatures, allowing for year-round installation.
  • Champion Bridge Drain is UV-stable.
  • Easier field handling – Due to its light weight, ease of cutting and integral bell, Champion Fiberglass Bridge Drain is easier to install.
  • Customization including color matching and UV-resistant coating as well as a wide range of lengths, diameters and thicknesses.

Champion Bridge Drain is a versatile, high-strength fiberglass bridge drain system that can be used in highly corrosive drainage applications including:

Labor Savings

Just as with Champion Fiberglass Conduit, Champion Fiberglass Bridge Drain can be installed much faster than traditional steel and PVC bridge drain systems. The lightweight fiberglass components weigh less than half of their steel counterparts and can be cut, drilled and fabricated in much less time than both PVC and steel bridge drain systems. The result is substantial labor savings.

Field Cutting and Sanding

To make fiberglass bridge drain field cuts, the tools required are a reciprocating saw with an abrasive blade (circular saw) or a grinder with a diamond cutting blade. Marking the fiberglass bridge drain for cutting will require a contrasting colored marker. Remove any cutting/drilling burrs or ridges with 60-grit emery cloth. Factory finished ends are supplied pre-sanded.

When field cuts are made, the bridge drain ends need to be sanded in order to make the adhesive connection. In these cases, it is recommended the ends be sanded with an abrasive flap wheel sander or a grinder with an abrasive sanding disc. Recommended grit is 60-grit emery.

Proper field cutting and sanding PPE to include:
  • Long sleeve clothing
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Particulate respirator (N95 or equivalent)
  • Calculator
    Use the Champion Fiberglass Conduit Calculator to compare the installation and material costs of Champion Fiberglass conduit vs. aluminum, PVC-coated steel, GRC, and stainless steel conduits.
  • Field Cutting
    Learn how to field cut Champion Fiberglass conduit, and how to prepare and make adhesive joints.

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