Why Champion Fiberglass?

Champion Fiberglass has led the field in fiberglass conduit innovation since 1988.


Our goal is to develop and deliver the products that help engineers and project owners meet financial goals and project specifications. Since we began production over 30 years ago, our rigid conduit product has increased in usage and continues to contribute to the success of projects across industries.

Champion Fiberglass. A company committed to quality.

Our History

Champion Fiberglass has worked to develop the industry-and-environment-specific RTRC products and accessories that have supported success for over 30 years. See a timeline of our company’s achievements here.

Our Leadership

Our company’s leadership is deeply invested in moving the electroindustry forward. Meet the Champion Fiberglass Inc. team here.

Our Commitment to Quality

Conduit supplier Champion Fiberglass holds itself to the highest standards for both our products and our facility. See product standards and listings as well as facility certifications here.

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