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Below, you’ll find the most recent Champion Fiberglass product catalogs. Use the tabs to navigate to the product catalog you need, then download the section you need, or the entire catalog.

Champion Duct® Product Catalog

Champion Fiberglass Duct Catalog

Champion Duct® conduit, fittings, duct bank, bridge hangers, and strut deliver a range of benefits including ease of installation, fire and corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and more. Download the Champion Duct® catalog here; find specific sections below.

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IPS Conduit

XW Conduit

ID Conduit

Bridge Hangers

Champion Strut™ Product Catalog

Champion Strut Catalog

Champion Strut™ is a fiberglass non-metallic channel framing system that includes a complete line of non-metallic accessories, fasteners, hangers, pipe clamps and channels. Champion Strut™ is a versatile, high-strength fiberglass framing system.

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Champion Flame Shield® Phenolic Conduit Product Catalog

Flame Shield Phenolic Conduit Catalog

Damp or dry, hot or cold, Champion Fiberglass Flame Shield® Phenolic Conduit holds its own many environments. Download the entire catalog below, or choose only the sections you need to download individually.

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Champion Bridge Drain™ Product Catalog

Bridge Drain Catalog

Champion Bridge Drain™ is a versatile, high-strength fiberglass bridge drain system that includes a complete line of fittings, non-metallic accessories and hangers. While primarily intended as a roadway bridge drainage system, Champion Fiberglass Bridge Drain™ can also be used for highly corrosive drainage applications including theme parks, aquariums, pools and underground vaults. Download the Champion Duct™ catalog here; find specific sections below.

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Champion Haz Duct® XW Type Product Catalog

Champion Haz Duct Catalog

XW (Extra Heavy Wall) type conduit is primarily used for Class I, Division 2 hazardous location applications or installations requiring severe impact strength. Many wastewater treatment plants utilize XW type conduit for its corrosion resistance and Class I, Division 2 capabilities, while utility companies utilize XW to protect their fiber-optic cables in above ground and under bridge applications.

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