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Installation Videos

Field Cutting

Learn how to field cut Champion Fiberglass conduit, and how to prepare and make adhesive joints.

Bonding Epoxy Conduit

Learn how to make an adhesive connection for fiberglass conduit.

Bending Epoxy Conduit

Learn how to field bend Champion fiberglass conduit using a PVC hot box and one-shot hydraulic conduit bender.

Application Photos and Videos

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Wastewater Treatment Videos

Wastewater Treatment Plants – Compare Fiberglass, PVC & Steel Conduit
Champion Fiberglass does more to stand up to the challenge in damp and corrosive environments. With lightweight, non-corrosive fiberglass construction Champion Fiberglass is the right choice to keep your operations safe-and your conduit installations intact over the long-term.

Mining Project Photos

Utilities Project Photos

Food Processing Project Photos

Bridges Project Photos

Bridge Videos

Bridge Hangers & Fiberglass Conduit Duct – Installation Guide
Our new Bridge Hanger animation demonstrates how fast and easy it is to install light, sturdy fiberglass conduit onto bridges.

Tunnels Project Photos

Chemical Project Photos

Chemical Videos

Chemical Videos
Used in chemical plants and many other uses, Champion Haz Duct XW Type Fiberglass Conduit offers a complete non-metallic solution that is specially constructed to handle the demands of hazardous industrial environments.

Port Authority Project Photos