Application Overview

Coastal and port authority projects are characterized by exposure to sun and saltwater, extreme weather and unique installation scenarios. When you need a corrosion resistant conduit system and elbows for coastal projects, you need the one name that stands up to the elements and makes complex installations easier.

From its weather resistance, impact resistance and its lightweight nature, our Haz Duct® XW type conduit is built to withstand impact from floating debris commonly seen in Port/Coastal applications. Champion Fiberglass XW Haz Duct® helps ensure confident, worry-free performance combined with a speedy, less-costly installation.

Here’s how fiberglass conduit shines in port authority and coastal environments:

  • For high impact situations caused by weather and debris, Haz Duct® XW offers protection as it’s been shown to stop a .45 caliber bullet from a distance of 20 feet.
  • Regarding sun exposure, Champion Duct is UV stable per UL 2515 and CSA C22.2 No. 211.3-96, so it won’t degrade in constant sunlight.
  • Because of its wide temperature range, fiberglass conduit retains its properties at low temperatures, tolerating extreme environments and allowing year-round installations. Haz Duct® maintains its mechanical properties from low temperatures of -60°F to high temperatures of 250°F.
  • Champion Fiberglass XW Haz Duct® is resistant to sea water so it safeguards against saltwater corrosion.
  • Champion Fiberglass conduit makes installation easier due to its light weight. In some cases, fiberglass conduit weighs one-twelfth that of other conduit types.

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