Located between Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row along the San Carlos Beach Park, the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Pier in Monterey serves not only as fully functioning homeport to USCG vessels – like the 110-foot USCG Cutter LONG ISLAND – but also as a popular seaside attraction. Since 2009, this new addition to the existing wharf has been supporting USCG operations and Monterey’s tourism efforts alike.


Due to the constant exposure to saltwater, tidal surges, sunlight and other potential issues like debris and harsh weather, the engineering team needed a product that could handle the challenging environment and stand up to any unknown disturbances. These needs limited their choices, as steel would corrode very quickly and PVC-coated rigid steel would degrade in the sunlight and be susceptible to corrosion. Additionally, since the conduit would be used on Department of Homeland Security property, an American-made product was required for this type of project.


The Champion Fiberglass manufacturer’s rep was able to present the engineering team with options for the project. Decision makers for pier construction quickly saw that Champion Fiberglass offered the right fit for their project with the Haz Duct® X Wall conduit. In addition to addressing their need for handling saltwater, UV exposure and weather events, the light weight characteristics of the product helped make the demanding installation process easier and more cost-effective.


After choosing Champion, approximately 9,000 feet of Champion Haz Duct XW Type conduit was installed in four runs along the pier. Since the project was completed, the Monterey USCG Pier team has resolved their conduit system corrosion issues, and Champion Fiberglass has answered numerous requests for work on similar structures.