Champion Fiberglass Elbows®

Champion Fiberglass Elbows are being used in more applications than ever – utilities, data centers and wastewater treatment plants, to name a few. Ideal for electrical conduit sweeps, a low coefficient of friction and a single circuit winding process keeps cables from burning through fiberglass conduit elbows and damaging the cable. They’re also lightweight and easy to install. According to NECA, fiberglass installation labor time is a fraction of what it is for galvanized rigid steel or PVC coated – especially for jobs with fiberglass conduit sweeps at larger diameters.

Champion Fiberglass Elbows

In addition to their light weight, low coefficient of friction, and low burn through, Champion Elbows offer the following:

Expanded Support
  • Easy installation; when ordered with two deep socket PVC couplings, the fiberglass elbows are easily glued in place using PVC glue.
  • Excellent insulation; because fiberglass conduit is non-conductive, grounding bushings and exothermic grounding are not required for protection during a cable fault.
  • Handles low temperatures; fiberglass maintains its mechanical properties to -60°F.
  • Cost effective; comparable installed elbows give Champion Fiberglass elbows the price advantage.
better performance
  • Sizes 3/4″ to 12″
  • Other radii, including very large radii
  • Other angles as standard (11¼°, 22½°, 30°)
  • Below ground or above ground
  • Plain end for fiberglass conduit systems

Champion Elbows have contributed to project safety and savings in the following industries:

Champion Elbows

Champion Elbows meet the following specifications and requirements:

Champion Fiberglass Elbows are UL 2515 Listed for above ground use.

Fiberglass conduit is listed in Article 12-200 of the CEC (Canadian Electrical Code) as Rigid RTRC Conduit.

You’ll find it listed in the NEC (National Electrical Code) in Article 355 as Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Conduit.


  • ISO 9001 – Certified in quality management systems for over a decade
  • ISO 14001 – World’s premier environmental management certification
  • ISO 45001 – Certified occupational health and safety management systems

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