The Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge in Washington, D.C. is a new through arch bridge that carries South Capitol Street over the Anacostia River. The bridge is 1,472 feet long and serves to increase pedestrian and vehicular safety, improve multimodal transportation options, increase community access and support economic development on both sides of the Anacostia River.


Recent construction of the bridge involved the installation of two under-bridge duct banks that would provide a protected pathway for buried electrical and data cables. When working at such great heights, installation requires efficiency which helps minimize the high cost of necessary equipment. And lightweight products help to keep installers safe throughout the project.

The installation of the duct banks was challenging with customized requests and specific timelines. Accurate take-offs were critical, as was the ability to handle the specific logistics for the order size, lead times, and customization like preassembly. Due to the complexity of the installation, the contractor needed a reliable partner that could not only customize the product and delivery but also stay on schedule.


Not only did this contractor need a lightweight electrical conduit to facilitate a safe installation, they also required a partner experienced in providing customized solutions. This project was loaded with special requests and specifics such as preassembly of duct banks and detailed shipping with tight deadlines. Champion Fiberglass® went above and beyond to coordinate the complex installation by customizing the preassembled duct banks with special packaging. Specifically, customization included pre-drilled and pre-assembled ducts and hangers, expansion joints built into the duct packages, and specialized duct crating and packaging. Finally, shipping was expedited for on-time delivery.


Champion Fiberglass met specific project assembly and shipping requirements for the contractor and hit deadlines without a hitch. By using Champion Fiberglass lightweight conduit which facilitated an easier installation, the risk to the installers was substantially minimized. The seamless installation led directly to savings without losing quality or sustainability. In addition to hitting installation timelines, the contractor and customer experienced peace of mind knowing the conduit materials are corrosion-, UV-, and impact-resistant and temperature tolerant for longevity in the field.

The strength and durability of Champion Fiberglass conduit and customization solutions afforded by 30+ years of project expertise helped this bridge project reach a successful conclusion.