By Scott Patchan

A Brief History of Fiberglass Manufacturing

Some initial instances of heating glass and stretching it into fibers can be traced to the ancient Phoenicians, Egyptians and Greeks. Yet fiberglass manufacturing as we know it today can be traced to two scientists in the 1930s who discovered that these flexible, strong fiberglass micro-filaments could be mass-produced and woven into cloth. Further, adding resin to fiberglass created a composite material that is lightweight, strong and malleable.

A Champion Fiberglass manufacturing worker inspects electrical conduit.

Not long after these developments, fiberglass was used in boats and airplanes, and soon became commonplace in American homes in the form of shower stalls, bathtubs, and faucets. 

Today, fiberglass is used for creating reinforced thermosetting resin conduit (RTRC), a durable, lightweight electrical conduit, more commonly known as “fiberglass conduit.” The leading RTRC manufacturer, Champion Fiberglass, produces millions of feet of RTRC conduit in America per year.

A truckload of fiberglass conduit is ready to ship.

Quality Considerations

To ensure the highest quality end product, Champion Fiberglass elects to use only the highest quality raw materials, from resins to hardeners, and quality control measures are in place at each step of the manufacturing process. Electrical conduit produced by Champion Fiberglass meets all requirements of UL 2515 (above ground) and UL 2420 (below ground) and is UL-listed, and is made in the USA in Spring, Texas.

Champion Fiberglass has more than 35+ years of experience guiding contractors and engineers to solutions and successful project outcomes using RTRC fiberglass electrical conduit. To learn more about how Champion Fiberglass supports industrial, electrical and mechanical markets visit or connect with a local Rep at

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