Champion Duct®

Superbly engineered fiberglass conduit with unmatched versatility.

Product Overview

Fiberglass Duct Bank Electric Conduit

From the Hoover Dam to Intrepid Potash, Champion Duct Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Conduit (RTRC) and fittings, duct bank (multiple sizes), bridge hangers and strut offer dependability through quality design and unmatched versatility. Below ground, concrete encased, underbridge – and almost anywhere in between – Champion Duct delivers a range of benefits that include ease of installation, fire and corrosion resistance, excellent impact resistance and more. It is also listed for UL 2515 for above ground installations, UL 2420 for below ground installations and CSA-22.2 No 211.3-96 standards, so you can really count on Champion Duct RTRC to help you do more.



Champion Duct® FAQs

FAQ: How does Champion Fiberglass perform in extreme temperatures?

FAQ: What UL Listings apply to Champion Fiberglass products?

FAQ: What’s the lead-up time on product availability?