The second installment of our series featuring new manufacturing investments spotlights our robotic gasket machine and Laguna Swift Router.

Recently, Champion Fiberglass has prioritized capital investments in new, leading-edge fiberglass machinery for the manufacturing floor. This new equipment makes production smooth and efficient and provides customization. The benefit is that it allows us to create products in-house without going overseas or to a third party. For customers, these machines help us meet customer needs of customization and faster turnaround times. In addition to the plasma cutter and CNC milling machine, new machines include a robotic gasket machine and the Laguna Swift Router.

The robotic gasket machine produces key component parts for Champion Fiberglass RTRC conduit. Specifically, it fabricates gaskets for conduit bodies. It does this by dispensing polyurethane to form a gasket cover for the conduit body.

Like the other machine investments, this one allows Champion Fiberglass to complete the process internally, rather than having to ship the covers out to a third party to complete it. This gives the company more control over the manufacturing process that translates into better quality parts, faster turnaround times, and lower prices for customers.

The Laguna Swift router is a large computer-controlled cutting apparatus used for customizing composites, metals, and plastics, precisely and repeatedly.

Champion Fiberglass uses the router for two primary applications. One application is adding slots to the Champion Fiberglass Strut™ product line. When placing a few pieces at a time on the router table, the program will add all the slots throughout the piece. This highly efficient, computer-programmed process reduces lead times and labor cost for customers.

The second use is creating custom molds and jigs out of wood for various products such as our elbows and offsets. For the elbows and offsets, the precision of the router machine allows us to make custom molds for nonstandard radii elbows and offsets. With the ability to adapt to whatever radius the customer needs, it makes our products available for nearly every job.

Continued Innovation, Research, and Development

Champion Fiberglass values innovation, research, and development. These machinery investments help us innovate and fabricate quality, customized products efficiently on the manufacturing floor, fulfilling our promise to Do More for customers, employees, and the industry.

Get in touch to see how our conduit, strut, and bridge drainage products can enhance your projects.

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