In an on-going effort to improve fiberglass manufacturing efficiencies, Champion Fiberglass has invested in a new router.

The latest router streamlines production, enhancing efficiency while offering customization options. The advantage lies in the ability to craft products in-house, eliminating the need for overseas outsourcing or third-party involvement.  For customers these machines help meet demand for tailored solutions and provide quicker turnaround times.

New router image

This particular router offers several benefits in production:

  • It has a faster set-up.
  • It offers a larger cutting area. The table is 21 x 8 ft with a 12.5-inch Z clearance. The table clamping is similar to the CNC milling machine.
  • The new router has four large spindle motors capable of cutting thicker material with speed, and it can hold multiple cutting tools.
  • This machine can cut 20 ft Champion StrutTM in single or double stacks. For custom molding, it cuts two 8 x 4 ft plywood sheets at the same time.

This machinery investment allows Champion Fiberglass to Do More in less time. It enables innovation and efficient fabrication to get products in the hands of customers fast so projects can reach successful outcomes.

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