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April 28, 2022
Champion Fiberglass® is Committed to Health and Safety; Receives ISO 45001 Certification and New UL Designation
Champion FiberglassⓇ is Committed to Health and Safety; Receives ISO 45001 Certification and New UL Designation.
April 15, 2022
8 Types of Electrical Conduit and Their Uses
What is Electrical Conduit? Electrical conduit is a tube or raceway used to house and protect electrical wires within a building or structure. From data centers to underground subways to ports and bridges, electrical conduit is an integral part of the modern world around us. Depending on the application there are many different types available. The
March 16, 2022
Sustainable Electrical Conduit Machinery: New Champion Fiberglass Systems Enhance Environmental Stewardship Efforts
Champion Fiberglass strives to be a responsible corporate citizen in terms of the solid and water byproducts created in manufacturing. This is part of what earned the ISO 14001:2015 designation for our manufacturing facility. As a company, it is important that we practice being a good steward of the environment.
March 16, 2022
Champion Flame Shield® Phenolic Conduit Receives New UL Designation with Radix Wire & Cable
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March 10, 2022
PVC Shortage: 2022 Electroindustry Update
For PVC pipe it might be a new year, but buyers are seeing the same shortages and skyrocketing prices. COVID-19 precautions, labor shortages, the availability of important chemicals, and global supply chain disruptions continue to contribute to rising costs and limited availability of many products, including PVC conduit. Where We’ve
February 21, 2022
New Fiberglass Manufacturing Machinery Enhances Production
The second installment of our series featuring new manufacturing investments spotlights our robotic gasket machine and Laguna Swift Router. Recently, Champion Fiberglass has prioritized capital investments in new, leading-edge fiberglass machinery for the manufacturing floor. This new equipment makes production smooth and efficient and provides customization. The benefit is that
February 21, 2022
Electrical Conduit Corrosion Resistance: An Intermediate Guide For Electrical Engineers and Electrical Contractors
What is corrosion resistance? Corrosion resistance is the ability of a substance or substrate to resist deterioration and damage caused by chemical or electrochemical reactions or oxidization. The most common types of corrosion include: Resistance to these factors varies and can be a result of the material’s inherent properties, or
January 4, 2022
Latest Investments in Manufacturing Equipment and Systems Create Efficiencies in Production
Champion Fiberglass® values innovation. The company places a premium on research and development in order to create high-performance products for customers. An example of this is the launch of two new product lines — Champion Bridge Drain™ and Champion Strut™ — last year.
December 13, 2021
Composite Discoveries Lead to Creative Solutions: The Evolution of Fiberglass Electrical Conduit
Recently Champion Fiberglass President Goran Haag elaborated on the events that led to the development of the fiberglass electrical conduit market, standards milestones and what the future holds. Learn how discoveries launched an electro industry market that continues to grow to this day. The Earliest Days of Fiberglass While the