Electrical Conduit for Transportation Applications: Bridges, Tunnels, Subways, DOT Projects

The infrastructure that keeps America moving relies on Champion Fiberglass conduit for maximum safety in bridge and tunnel projects.

Application Overview

When it comes to the special challenges of maintaining bridge and tunnel project safety while keeping costs low, Champion Fiberglass has the answers. We’ve completed hundreds of projects in the transportation/infrastructure sector. From custom-colored conduit for Pittsburgh’s Seventh Street Bridge to major transit and subway systems throughout the United States, Champion Fiberglass has provided durable, cost-effective, corrosion-resistant, American-made electrical conduit for more than 30 years.

As a result, electrical engineers increasingly rely on our fiberglass (RTRC) conduit when transportation system projects require a lightweight, easy-to-install, corrosion-resistant, conduit system.


Epoxy Fiberglass (RTRC) conduit is lighter and less costly than galvanized rigid steel conduit (GRC) or other rigid metal conduit (or RMC) options, and without the toxicity and halogens of PVC SCH 40 or PVC SCH 80. RTRC also offers best in class field handling due to its light weight, ease of cutting and integral bell, making it the clear choice for bridges, subways, tunnels and state DOT (Department of Transportation) projects.

Electrical Conduit for Bridge Projects

Bridge projects call for lightweight conduit that doesn’t sacrifice strength. Champion Fiberglass conduit keeps these projects on budget, lowers manpower costs and increases safety. Champion Fiberglass bridge hangers are offered in two main types and per your project specifications:

  • Intermediate Hanger, the most widely used type
  • Anchor Hanger, an intermediate hanger with side bracing (shipped fully assembled)

All Champion Fiberglass hangers are manufactured using isophthalic polyester resin and contain UV inhibitors.

Electrical Conduit for Subway and Tunnel Projects

Safe subways and tunnel systems require materials that do not give off toxic gases while burning, and to maximize long-term performance and overall value conduit must be durable and non-corrosive. Dated existing steel conduits, raceways and system components may no longer meet NFPA502 standards. Champion Fiberglass Flame Shield® Phenolic XW conduit is 2 hour fire-rated and meets stringent NFPA 130 and NFPA 502 requirements as well as the UL 2196 Standard for Fire Resistive Cables, and is backed by two UL-issued VSR (Verification of Services) reports.

When considering electrical conduit for tunnels and the unique challenges of conduit systems that are installed underground, ease of installation is key. RTRC offers excellent field handling vs. traditional rigid conduit materials.

Infrastructure Projects

Emergency power supply, fire pumps, pressurizing fans, smoke dampers, ventilation fans, emergency lighting, fire alarms, elevator plenum areas, fire pump rooms, all require electrical conduit that offers system longevity, simple installation, high temperature rating and combustion resistance, low smoke and coefficient of thermal expansion and the absence of toxic gas release. For infrastructure projects, metal conduit systems can not match the corrosion resistance and electrical insulation of phenolic XW RTRC conduit.

Innovative Solutions for Modern DOT Projects

Champion Fiberglass was the first manufacturer of a fiberglass (RTRC) phenolic conduit that meets UL 2196 requirements — and can withstand temperatures of 1850℉ for two hours. When specifying conduit for DOT projects, our Type XW Phenolic Flame Shield® Conduit is the go-to for electrical engineers who value a light weight, non-corrosive, zero-smoke, zero-halogen option that meets today’s rigorous safety standards.

Featured Products

Champion Duct®

Champion Duct®

Lightweight fiberglass conduit with unmatched versatility and strength.

  • UL 2515 Listed for above-ground installations
  • UL 2420 Listed for below-ground installations
  • CSA listed per CSA-22.2 No 211.3-96 standards
  • Standard Wall, Medium Wall (UL designates Champion Fiberglass MW for 5″ and 6″ as SW), and Heavy Wall conduits are UL Listed for newly expanded support spacing distances
Flame Shield Phenolic Conduit

Champion Flame Shield® Phenolic Conduit

The number one choice of surface-mounted conduit for transit and passenger rail systems — including subway tunnels and stations.

  • Meets NFPA 130 and NFPA 502
  • Meets ASTM E136
  • UL 2196 tested
  • UL 2515-A Listed

Champion Fiberglass products are manufactured in accordance with the NEC (National Electrical Code) in Article 355: Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Conduit and listed in Article 12-200 of the CEC (Canadian Electrical Code) as Rigid RTRC Conduit.