Champion Fiberglass® and Hozack have been working together for nearly 14 years. Learn more about how these two organizations collaborate for success.

72 Years in the Making

Hozack was formed in 1949. This manufacturer’s representative agency, a team of 25, serves the industrial, utility, commercial, and transportation markets in the Northwest U.S. including Washington State, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska where they closely partner with electrical engineers, contractors, utilities, and distributors.

Principals Ken Spridgeon and Carol Louderback have been with the company for 40 years. Spridgeon describes the company as “close-knit with a family feel.” He adds, “We like to foster a workplace where people want to come to work every day and have an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.”

An interesting fact about Hozack is that they continue to represent two manufacturers with which the company was founded 72 years ago. This speaks volumes about the company’s reputation.

The Hozack and Champion Fiberglass Partnership

Hozack and Champion Fiberglass began working together in 2007. Ken Spridgeon describes the relationship with the Champion Fiberglass team as “familial” and “close.” He adds, “We feel like the door is always open at all levels, including with President Goran Haag; today this is unique in our business to enjoy a partnership of this type.”

Spridgeon also cites the help Champion Fiberglass provides throughout the specification process and to get in front of engineers for both virtual and in-person training events. From National Sales Manager Bob Reeger to Sales and Marketing Analyst David Szyszka and Inside Sales Representative Gene Mayor, the Champion Fiberglass team is attentive and goes to great lengths to resolve all challenges, he says. “They are fantastic in addressing issues; this fosters the passion our team has for selling Champion Fiberglass,” says Spridgeon.

Project Performance

Hozack and Champion Fiberglass have worked together on projects such as Sound Transit, PacificCorp (a multi-state utility), Seattle City Light, and Naval Base Kitsap.

One client, Seattle City Light, a large utility, had a unique request. Spridgeon recalls, “We listened to their concerns but unfortunately did not have a solution at the time; so we engaged the team at Champion Fiberglass and they were able to develop a customized solution consisting of conduit with special markings and couplings, which we presented to Seattle City Light and secured the specification.

Another success was how the two companies worked together to bring Champion Fiberglass elbow inventory to the Northwest market; there is a strong demand for Champion Fiberglass elbows in the Pacific Northwest and this allows Champion Fiberglass to provide same-day service for local partners.

As for the Champion Fiberglass perspective on the partnership, National Sales Manager Bob Reeger says, “Hozack is a solid team. They are very good people. Like us, they don’t like to have problems and they take care of them promptly and professionally.”

Two Like-Minded Companies

In addition to an affinity for finding solutions, Hozack and Champion Fiberglass also share a focus on their respective employees. Ken Spridgeon admits Hozack’s secret sauce lies in his company’s team. He says, “The consistency and commitment of our people are the reasons for our success.” Similarly, Champion Fiberglass President Goran Haag has expressed the importance of people and fostering a team in a recent podcast. Clearly, the similar values of the two organizations inform and enhance their collaboration as they work toward a shared goal.

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