Pinnacle Solutions represents Champion Fiberglass in the intermountain west states surrounding Utah. The two companies enjoy a longstanding partnership with a joint focus on doing the best for customers.

About Pinnacle Solutions

Pinnacle Solutions has served the electrical industry for over 25 years. The company’s territory includes Utah, southern Idaho, eastern Nevada and western Wyoming, and their application focus encompasses commercial construction, industrial construction, and large institutional end-users.

In business, their philosophy is one of partnering for customer success. Specifically, the goal is to solve problems by working together with distributors and end-users. The Pinnacle Solutions team is trained to think outside the box, keeping in mind the best interest of the customer in seeking solutions. This approach has succeeded in yielding repetitive business.

Early Adopters

Pinnacle Solutions was formed as a merger of John White & Associates and Porter Brown Sales in 2011. The relationship with Champion Fiberglass actually began with Porter Brown Sales and had been in place for over 20 years. It was one of the company’s strongest partnerships.

As one of the earliest adopters of fiberglass conduit which began with elbows, the company had some early success in changing project specs. Because of this, it is now commonplace that most distributors stock fiberglass conduit.

Says CEO Trevor Sorensen, “For Pinnacle Solutions, Champion Fiberglass remains one of our strongest partnerships. We appreciate the way Champion Fiberglass does business, and we feel there is a culture match in working together for customer success.”

Sorensen adds that a recurrent theme is the willingness of the Champion Fiberglass team to do whatever it takes on a project. For example, one customer, PacifiCorp, requested customization of conduit in the form of a red stripe to differentiate it from culinary water pipe. The Champion Fiberglass team jumped on the request to make it happen.

A Strong Partnership

Champion Fiberglass Regional Sales Manager Kent Brown shares a unique perspective of the working relationship with the Rep firm. He’s a former owner of Pinnacle Solutions who sold it four years ago. Now on the manufacturer side of the business, he continues to work with the Pinnacle Solutions team.

He recalls that Pinnacle Solutions reached sales goals early on, and more recently has had success during the PVC shortage. Adds Brown, “Trevor Sorensen and team have taken the business to another level. They’ve brought in new technologies. We enjoy a very good working relationship with them.”

Project Successes in Chemical Plants, Utilities, Underground Applications

Sorensen explains, “The early pioneers of our company were able to change a lot of specifications on projects from rigid conduit to fiberglass conduit, which has proved to be the baseline of the success of the company.”

As for specific project examples, he cites a chemical plant in Idaho, Simplot Phosphates. Pinnacle Solutions succeeded in replacing PVC conduit in this harsh and hazardous environment with fiberglass conduit. Over a three-year process, they educated the customer until the engineers felt confident making the switch for a small project. Says Sorensen, “While it took time, it led to repeat business. We are now on our sixth project with the customer.”

Similarly, throughout the PVC shortage, Pinnacle Solutions has helped other customers make the switch from PVC to fiberglass conduit for underground applications.

Helping Customers Together

Champion Fiberglass and Pinnacle Solutions share different, but complementary roles. Pinnacle Solutions brings the relationship and customer knowledge to the table while Champion Fiberglass brings over 30 years of expertise across a multitude of projects, plus agility in unique accommodations and customization requests regarding shipping expedites and installation. Says Sorensen, “Just like us, Champion Fiberglass is willing to do whatever it takes to find a solution for customers. We enjoy doing business with Champion Fiberglass.”

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