A.A. MacPhersonWorking together comes easy when two organizations share a common goal. Champion Fiberglass and A.A. MacPherson are two similarly-sized, privately held companies that share a dedication to the customer. Learn more about this relatively new Rep firm that joined the team in 2019.

About A.A. MacPherson

A.A. MacPherson Co. was established in 1940. They serve the New England area with a focus on commercial construction, utilities and infrastructure (transit) markets. With a mission to be the leading electrical representative in New England, the company enjoys a history of longevity, production and integrity in their territory. They represent the highest quality manufacturers and call on top contractors in order to focus deeply on their customers.

The company believes in strong industry involvement to stay atop emerging trends. They are members of NEMRA, EERA, NAED, Electric League of RI, MECA, and NEPPA.

Education and Company Alignment

The relationship between Champion Fiberglass and A.A. MacPherson Co. is a relatively new one. What attracted the rep firm to Champion Fiberglass was the company’s dedication to serving customers. Principal Joe Gately calls the relationship “great.” He adds, “We are a privately held company and we enjoy working with other privately held companies. Champion Fiberglass makes great products and we both share a strong dedication to the customer. We are on the same page.”

Joining Forces for Success

“When we originally came on board in 2019, there was hands-on training both here in New England and in Houston,” says Gately. “National Sales Manager Bob Reeger and VP of Sales & Marketing Scott Patchan initially visited us and trained the team. Then we came to Houston to tour the plant floor and receive intensive product and marketing training.”

Another aspect that sets Champion Fiberglass apart from other manufacturers is their level of marketing support. He continues, “The marketing support that Champion Fiberglass has provided is impressive.” Gately mentioned helpful case studies comparing fiberglass to steel, product comparison charts, and clear and concise explanation of labor savings. “All are unique and handy tools to prove the success of the product to engineers and contractors,” says Gately.

Additionally, Gately calls out Champion Fiberglass’s high-touch customer service, like how Champion Fiberglass went the extra mile, providing quote crossover and takeover guidance and in getting quotes out in a timely fashion. Finally, regarding lead times, Champion Fiberglass was able to deliver electrical conduit before the competition for several jobs.

Champion Fiberglass National Sales Manager Bob Reeger explains, “A.A. MacPherson has a team of knowledgeable, experienced people — 6 outside sales reps and 4 inside sales reps — working for us in six New England states. Not only do they call on distributors, contractors and engineers, but they also connect with utility customers and have strong relationships with departments of transportation in both Connecticut and Massachusetts.”

Indeed, the two companies have worked on many transportation projects already in Boston and Rhode Island including some that required fire-rated solutions. Projects where Champion Fiberglass conduit succeeded in providing a solution include the Green Line Extension project (GLX), the Harvard Campus Wayfinding project and MBTA Harvard Station with Mass Bay Electrical Corp. and Rhode Island bridges, the Pell (Newport Bridge) and the Jamestown Bridge, both done with E W Audet and Sons in Providence, RI.

Opportunity in the PVC Shortage

Gately explains that throughout the PVC shortage, A.A. MacPherson Co. has educated many engineers and contractors. Potential customers really listened because they desperately needed to evaluate other options. He adds, “Engineers tend to use the same products over and over, but the PVC shortage forced a change. We realized there is more education to be done because engineers continue to ask us how long the product has been around, not realizing it’s been around since 1988.”

Obsessive Customer Service

Champion Fiberglass and A.A. MacPherson Co. work together well because they are both responsive and “obsessed” with customer service. In closing, Gately says, “We work for larger companies too but appreciate the Champion Fiberglass team and that there are not as many layers of people to get something when you need it.”

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