You’ve mapped out conduit needs for a project, considered the options and are preparing to place an order for fiberglass conduit. Remember to give some thought to the adhesives that join conduit together.

When it comes to bonding fittings and joints of conduit on a project, Champion Fiberglass has a system in place to meet all your needs in the field. This system includes epoxy adhesive tubes and guns that make joining conduit for installation a breeze.

Champion Fiberglass’s epoxy adhesive system offers three distinctive curing times, allowing you to select the curing time that’s right for your job and ensuring you get the working time you need to make adjustments before the adhesive bonds permanently. Curing times range from 3 – 5 minutes to 30 – 45 minutes.

Our adhesive, Champion Mix, is a non-carcinogenic epoxy resin blend. It allows the adhesive to be used with epoxy conduit or pultruded polyester and vinyl ester components. The cartridge resin system contains resin, hardener, and one plastic static mixer. The epoxy adhesive is now available in three convenient dispensing tube sizes – 50 ml (1.7 oz), 80 ml (2.7 oz) and 300 ml (10 oz).

Adhesive guns promote easy, tidy application. They are available in manual and battery powered versions and in three sizes to match the tubes.

The battery-powered gun exists for the 300 ml (10 oz) adhesive tube. This powerful 18V cordless drive system is supplied with a sturdy 300 ml (10 oz) dispensing carriage. Other features include:

  • Flow control for instant drive disengagement when trigger is released
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design to reduce wrist and arm strain
  • Rapid 30-minute battery charging
  • Battery fuel gauge indicating battery power level

All battery-powered adhesive guns are fully assembled; each comes with one 18V Li–Ion battery and one 18V charger.

Wondering how many joints and adhesive cartridges you will need for your project? Visit our Epoxy Adhesive Calculator to easily calculate the number of conduit joints and the number of adhesive cartridges your project will require.

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