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Meet Champion’s Summer Interns

They may only be with Champion for the summer, but both of our interns have already spent years studying what it takes to move our industry forward. We talked to them about how they see their futures in the engineering field, and how they plan to use their Champion Fiberglass experience in their future careers. […]

7.06.2015 Tags aluminum, electrical conduit, electrical engineers, fiberglass conduit, PVC-coated steel, spec

Choosing Between Fiberglass, PVC-Coated Steel & Galvanized Rigid Steel

Choosing Between Fiberglass, PVC-Coated Steel & Galvanized Rigid Steel.- Why Conduit Choice Matters in Electrical Engineering Projects When electrical engineers approve materials for a spec list, conduit doesn’t always rank highest on the list of importance; but in today’s economic environment—where there’s less time, money and resources—concerns about quality and longevity for all materials, including […]

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