• Champion Fiberglass values environmental stewardship
  • Recent capital investments help reduce environmental load
  • Acquisitions include a water filtration system and solid waste grinder

Champion Fiberglass strives to be a responsible corporate citizen in terms of the solid and water byproducts created in manufacturing. This is part of what earned the ISO 14001:2015 designation for our manufacturing facility. As a company, it is important that we practice being a good steward of the environment.

We’ve found that protecting natural resources like the water we use and the land our plant sits upon, as well as reducing landfill load, has beneficial results for customers as well.

Recent new equipment investments include our water filtration system and solid waste disposal system.

Water Filtering System

Our filtration system cleans water used in manufacturing so we can reuse it.

It works by collecting manufacturing water in a green tank. The small black canister between the two green tanks contains an activated carbon filter that cleans the water by absorbing organic residues. It then flows out clear into the other tank, where it is stored until we reuse it in our cooling water system.

This filtering system has helped lower water consumption. It’s also lowered the cost of disposal considerably, a savings we are able to pass along to customers in competitive fiberglass conduit pricing.

Hammer Mill Grinder

Manufacturing conduit creates solid waste in the form of broken and unusable pieces of fiberglass. The hammer mill machine grinds down these pieces to allow for a dramatic reduction in solid waste.

Further, this machine allows us to reduce our solid waste footprint 80 to 90 percent in what we are contributing to the landfill. That is a significant reduction that translates into savings of thousands of dollars in chemical and landfill disposal costs.

Equipment Investments Benefit Customers

Champion Fiberglass supports environmental protocols that allow for more responsible manufacturing. In creating quality products for customers, these capital investments allow us to reduce our environmental load significantly. Because we fabricate more efficiently, effectively, and in an environmentally sound way, we’re able to pass along benefits and savings to customers.

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