On time and under budget! That’s the dream scenario for any construction-related project. Electrical engineers can help a project reach this achievement by making one crucial decision – specifying Champion Fiberglass as the conduit of choice. When it comes to protecting electrical cables there are a number of different options available, but only Champion Fiberglass’ rigid thermosetting resin conduit (RTRC) provides the combined benefits of lower labor costs, faster installation times, and better performance when compared to the alternatives.

Saving the Day Starts with the Right Spec

Conduit performs a critical function; it routes and safeguards electrical cabling and infrastructure. To get the performance that meets your design and project requirements, the conduit material needs to be thoroughly outlined in the project specifications. Traditionally, contractors have turned to PVC-coated steel and galvanized rigid steel (GRC) when fiberglass conduit is not specified. To achieve overall project economics benefits for contractors and asset owners alike, specify Champion Fiberglass from the start.

Champion to the Rescue

Only Champion Fiberglass exceeds GRC and PVC-coated steel in multiple respects, such as its resistance to cable faults. But what really sets Champion Fiberglass apart from the competition is that it offers the rigidity and strength of traditional materials in an exceptionally lightweight design. This lighter weight allows for easier and faster installs resulting in installation savings. And with added benefits such as ease of cutting, built-in corrosion-resistance that is impervious to damage during handling, and excellent memory that retains its integrity after impact or compression, total projects costs are further reduced. In addition, it is an excellent material for longer cable runs without more pull boxes because of its lower coefficient of friction (0.38 vs 0.55 for GRC and PVC-coated steels), which means faster pulls in less time. In fact, the fast install-time translates directly into lower labor costs—according to the NECA Manual Labor Units for 2017-2018, Champion Fiberglass provides 5x the labor and material savings over 6″ PVC-coated steel and GRC (normal installation hours per/100 ft).

Be a Conduit Specifying Champ

Specifying fiberglass at the onset gives engineers more flexibility in creating cost-effective and efficient designs. The material streamlines the construction process and helps in meeting project milestones, including important delivery deadlines. Its robust features ensure better long-term performance, protecting stakeholders from future safety and environmental risk exposure. Engineers working on a variety of projects including tunnels, data centers, wastewater treatment plants, and pipeline stations are specifying Champion Fiberglass for its faster installation time and performance longevity.

As an electrical engineer, you can be the hero and save the day by specifying Champion Fiberglass to reduce project costs and help meet, or better yet, beat completion deadlines. Click here to watch our video installation guides to see installation processes in action, or get in touch with us directly through our online contact form to get everything you need to build your specification.

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