Schell Martin is a rep agency with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1965 when it was known as Schell Ranna, founded by Don Shell and Don Ranna as a manufacturer’s representative agency for engineered products. The firm is now headed by Craig Schell who assumed the role of principal and president after initially joining the business in 1984. In 2018 Schell Martin merged with J. D. Martin, a strategic move for the purpose of continuity and growth, with both firms representing complementary product lines.

A History of Collaboration
Schell Martin operates primarily within Louisiana and Mississippi. Its business focus lies in applications requiring materials that can resist corrosive environments including chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, agriculture and infrastructure. They also work on projects such as roadways, bridges, interstate traffic signaling and wastewater treatment plants.

Schell Martin and Champion Fiberglass® have a collaborative history stretching back 20 years. The collaboration initially revolved around the fiberglass cable tray business. Six years ago, after a brief hiatus, the partnership was rekindled with a focus on the filament-wound fiberglass conduit segment.

Craig Schell describes the partnership as an “interactive exchange of perspectives with a focused goal of winning.” He adds, “The partnership is cooperative with a can-do spirit and high level of commitment. Champion Fiberglass possesses an impressive understanding of applications and market segments. I appreciate they are always seeking to improve.”

Successful Outcomes in Louisiana and Mississippi
Throughout their collaborative history, Schell Martin and Champion Fiberglass have been involved in several significant projects. One standout is the LA 1 infrastructure project, a large-scale bridge, in south Louisiana.

The project required a lightweight conduit and low thermal expansion for a 45-mile stretch. Project owners were sold on the conduit’s light weight, mechanical integrity, corrosion resistance over PVC-coated conduit and reduced thermal expansion to handle continuous runs with expansion fittings.

Additionally, brand recognition in lieu of competitors helped sway engineers as well as the support of both Schell Martin and Champion Fiberglass in working through projects. The collaborative efforts of both companies in these projects underline their mutual commitment to providing robust solutions for corrosive environment applications.

Looking Forward to More Project Success
Schell Martin is a key player in the corrosive market in Louisiana and Mississippi. Says Champion Fiberglass Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott Patchan, “Schell Martin relies on a strong product line. They have successfully nurtured relationships with consulting engineers and electrical distributors who trust them. We look forward to more collaboration in the future.”

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