Rep firms are important players in the Champion Fiberglass® electrical conduit sales process. Champion Fiberglass and manufacturer’s agency Gumersell Cashdan have enjoyed a long term partnership over thirty years. Read on to learn more about the agency and how they played a key role in market development and new conduit products in the early days.

Gumersell Cashdan, Inc. possesses over ninety years of experience in the electrical industry throughout New York and New Jersey. Champion Fiberglass has worked with them on such large projects as all the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey airports, RFK bridge, and the World Trade Center. Gumersell Cashdan is led by CEO Eric Cashdan and President Rich Gumersell.

Gumersell Cashdan

Pictured left to right: Robert Reeger, Rich Gumersell, Scott Patchan, Goran Haag, Elayne Cashdan, Eric Cashdan and David Szyszka

Eric Cashdan remembers first hearing about Champion Fiberglass in the Spring of 1989 at a NEMRA conference as the conduit manufacturer was launching. He recalls President Goran Haag traversing the country to spread the word about his electrical conduit products. At that point, fiberglass conduit was used mainly in telecommunications applications.

“Early in Champion Fiberglass’s history, Eric saw a chance to create more opportunities for the company within the New York Transit Signal and Communications Division,” adds Gumersell. Explains Cashdan, “We worked with Goran’s team to develop a heavier wall product that provided a solution for the client. We sensed a need, so we jumped on it, and it was exciting to see demand grow.” Another win was securing fiberglass conduit as the product standard, due to its corrosion resistance, at LaGuardia Airport.

Champion Fiberglass National Sales Manager Bob Reeger believes that the reason for Gumersell Cashdan’s success is their team and dedication to customer service. “They have very attentive, long standing outside sales representatives that know our conduit well,” adds Reeger. As an example, Gumersell Cashdan’s outside sales reps take time to visit the job site to inspect orders and ensure products are received properly and are up to quality standards. They have a knack for handling special contractor requests and the two companies work together to fulfill them.

For the agency, Champion Fiberglass does its part to satisfy special requirements. Reeger continues, “We quote jobs as they request, which might include special handling. In accommodating one customer, we packaged bell ends of conduit in the same direction and had them delivered at a precise location and direction at the job sight to facilitate installation.” Gumersell adds, “Champion Fiberglass has manufactured conduit and fittings for us in two days so an electrical contractor could provide an emergency installation to their client. They’ve always been responsive to specific customer needs allowing for a project to be under budget and completed before deadlines which provide for potential project performance incentives.”

In thirty years Gumersell Cashdan has helped build the Champion Fiberglass brand from general acceptance to preference as well as help grow applications beyond the communication industry. It’s a team effort — Gumersell Cashdan knows the territory and provides experience and product knowledge. Champion Fiberglass manufacturers a quality product in the USA. The electrical community in New York and New Jersey values the consistent investment in a best of class electrical conduit by Champion Fiberglass.

Gumersell Cashdan consistently provides large volumes of conduit for projects through local distribution. They have received nearly thirty sales awards from Champion Fiberglass including Rep of the Year, Gold Club, Top Producer and #1 in Sales. As for final thoughts, Cashdan adds, “It is not often you get to grow a product and an industry. That has been one of the joys of working with Champion Fiberglass. The local market has come to depend on Gumersell Cashdan and Champion Fiberglass for training, knowledge, and experience. Champion Fiberglass is the number one choice for RTRC fiberglass electrical conduit in the New York and New Jersey area.”

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