Champion Fiberglass Elbows and Xpress Elbows

Delivering no-burn-through elbows, fast.

Product Overview

fiberglass elbows

Champion Fiberglass Elbows are being used in more applications than ever – utilities, data centers and wastewater treatment plants to name a few.

No burn-through: A low coefficient of friction and a single circuit winding process keeps cables from burning through the fiberglass elbow and damaging the cable.

Light weight and easy to install: According to NECA, fiberglass installation labor time is a fraction of what it is for galvanized rigid steel or PVC coated – especially at larger diameters.

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Orders of 100 pieces or less ship within 48 hours

• 12″ radius, 2″ IPS x 90°
• 24″ radius, 4″ IPS x 90°
• 36″ radius, 4/5/6″ IPS x 90°

Champion Fiberglass is offering 48-hour or less shipping for our most popular elbows. Choose from plain-ended or PVC deep-socket coupling transitions in the above sizes.

Our full line of elbows are available in:

• Sizes ¾” to 12″
• Other radii, including very large radii
• Other angles as standard (11¼°, 22½°, 30°)
• Below ground or above ground
• Plain end for fiberglass conduit systems


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No-Burn-Through Fiberglass Elbows

Champion Fiberglass Elbows and Xpress Elbows FAQs

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