Say hello to the Jönköping Spartans. Champion Fiberglass is proud to sponsor this tough, strong women’s football team from southern Sweden. Like our fiberglass conduit, they’re flexible and built to go the distance—and they hail from the same country as our founder and owner, Goran Haag. Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Football in Sweden—isn’t that what we call soccer here?” Usually, you’d be right. But American football has quite the following in Europe—and the Jönköping Spartans are part of a larger association of women’s football teams, both full-contact and flag.

Jönköping Spartans

All winter, they’ve been training in the gym and on the field, hungry for their first game and ready to take on challenging teams and move up the roster. The team is made up of ladies ages 11 – 19, but their volunteer coaches, team supporters, cheerleaders and audience are people from all walks of life. The Jönköping Spartans welcome everyone.

The final game of last year’s season pitted the Spartans against an elite, high-ranking team—the Örebro Black Knights. Although that match went to the Black Knights with a score of 0 – 57, the Spartans were more than ready to face the Knights again at their season opener. The team put its all into the match, and brought fierce sportsmanship, teamwork, and positivity to the field. They ended by improving their point spread against the Knights by 19 points. Some may chalk it up as a loss, but not the Spartans—to them, it’s a sign that their hard work over the winter has paid off.

We’ll be following this tough little team sponsored by Champion Fiberglass throughout their season. Please come along with us as we cheer them on and track their success.

Follow the journey.

For more information on the Jönköping Spartans visit their website:

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