At the crossroads of historic mergers and future-focused infrastructure, the Rockies’ electrical manufacturing landscape is dynamically evolving. i-Pro Martin, a powerhouse in the Rocky Mountain region, was born from a recent union between Colorado-based i-Pro and Texas-based JD Martin. A formidable player in the electrical, utility and datacom markets, i-Pro Martin now partners with Champion Fiberglass to help shape this promising new frontier.

Evolving Through Collaboration 

With roots stretching back to 1985, i-Pro Martin’s journey took a pivotal turn in September 2022. i-Pro’s merger with JD Martin expands its reach and consolidates its influence in the electrical rep landscape. This strategic move showcased their vision, understanding the intrinsic value of combining resources and expertise to serve a broader market. Today, i-Pro Martin operates dominantly in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, with a keen focus on electrical and utility markets.

They’ve prided themselves on representing a diverse line card of manufacturers, ensuring they cater to multiple markets seamlessly. Integrity and accountability are their driving forces, embracing a straightforward approach: do what they promise.

Embracing the Future

In an era defined by swift technological advancement, i-Pro Martin remains vigilant. They’re acutely aware of emerging markets, from energy storage and EV charging to renewables. Champion Fiberglass’ innovative approach resonated with them, fitting seamlessly into this future-focused vision.

Tim Klinger, President/CEO of i-Pro Martin, recently shared his appreciation for Champion Fiberglass’ pervasive marketing efforts that span multiple departments. From white papers to product applications, he appreciates Champion’s ability to tailor educational content with actionable solutions and clearly communicate complex engineering concepts.

“They’re alongside you from the very beginning of mining a job, securing a job, and supporting a job from the beginning to the end,” Klinger said. “And that’s crucial, especially when this supply chain has been compromised over the years.”

Aligned for Success

Scott Patchan, Champion Fiberglass Vice President of Sales and Marketing, concurred that i-Pro Martin and Champion Fiberglass share an ethos of innovation, integrity and collaboration.

“i-Pro Martin’s extensive history and dedication to excellence are commendable,” Patchan said. “Their commitment to emerging markets aligns with our vision at Champion. We’re excited about this journey together and anticipate many successful endeavors ahead.”

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