With locations in Grand Rapids, Detroit and Roseville, Team Electrical Sales embodies the spirit of progress that defines the Motor City region. From a bridge linking Michigan to Canada to a data center for Ford Motor Company, Team Electrical Sales has come a long way since setting up shop in an apartment humorously referred to as “Suite 7”.

Team Electrical Sales

President Patrick McCarthy and Vice President Evan Tanner were ambitious twentysomethings when they were approached by a manufacturer to start Team Electrical Sales. The full-service electrical product salesforce now employs a team of 16  across 3 locations serving the state of Michigan and has grown by acquiring other rep agencies.

Notable Projects

Team Electrical Sales has been instrumental in bringing Champion Fiberglass’s innovative solutions to landmark projects, underscoring the transformative impact of quality materials in the electrical industry. Notably, their involvement in the Gordie Howe International Bridge project showcased their capability in large-scale infrastructure endeavors.

Furthermore, their collaboration with Ford Motor Company included a pivotal moment: the benefits of choosing fiberglass conduit over PVC, including higher heat dissipation that led to $2 million in savings.

Says Champion Fiberglass Vice President of Sales & Marketing Scott Patchan, “Team Electrical Sales has been a formidable partner in securing sizeable protects where Champion Fiberglass conduit provides a valid solution.”

Evan Tanner points out the high service level, flexibility and ease of doing business that Champion Fiberglass offers. Evan explains, “This can-do attitude was evident a week before Christmas when we had an important meeting scheduled with a large contractor whose client was interested in transitioning from PVC to fiberglass conduit. Regional/Project Sales Manager Donna Young  flew out at short notice to attend the meeting, which went very well.”

‘Many Good Deeds’

What sets Team Electrical Sales apart is not just their comprehensive service range but their unwavering commitment to their core values, epitomized by the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin: “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad deed to lose it.” This principle underpins every decision and action, ensuring that integrity and a stellar reputation remain at the forefront of their business ethos.

As Team Electrical Sales continues to illuminate the path forward, their story remains a compelling narrative of progress, partnership and the enduring value of a good reputation.

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