Rep Firm Provides Electrical Solutions in Ohio and Kentucky

Aero Sales is a second-generation manufacturer’s representative agency based in Ohio. They represent Champion Fiberglass® conduit to end-users, engineers, contractors and distributors in Ohio and northern Kentucky.

While the company has been around since 1961, brothers Joel and George Weissinger have been owners/partners guiding the company since 1997.

Aero Sales is a values-based company. Their culture supports a focus on knowledge. The team at Aero Sales lives this every day as they “bring experience and knowledge to every situation so that customers come to them for answers and solutions,” says President/Partner/CPMR Joel Weissinger.

Armed with Knowledge, Champion Fiberglass and Aero Sales Focus on Customer Goals

Champion Fiberglass® and Aero Sales have been working together since 2000.

A fiberglass conduit sale can be complex, explains Joel Weissinger. “In the business, raceways are considered commodity items. They are sold on price. But fiberglass conduit is very technical; it’s not a commodity. Nobody understands it and there are many configurations to sell.”

So manufacturer-rep partnerships are important to the sale. “Champion Fiberglass is far ahead of their competitors in terms of support for reps and marketing strategy,” he explains. We bring a lot of detailed information to the table for our customers and the Champion Fiberglass team helps us do that.”

About the working relationship, Joel Weissinger says, “Champion Fiberglass is easy to work with, flexible and always helpful. They are responsive, offering availability for meetings and training at a moment’s notice. VP of Sales & Marketing Scott Patchan has done many demos with us, which helps us educate customers and win business.”

“President Goran Haag is a super guy. I am in awe of what he’s accomplished with his company,” he adds.

Aero Sales Resolves Interesting Project Problems

Champion Fiberglass and Aero Sales have worked on many notable projects together.

The most interesting was a GE jet engine test facility. Just as it sounds, this facility serves to test jet airplane engines, which involves ramping up engines so high that turbofans explode and have the potential to fly through windows. The chances of this happening are great, so the test facility needed to protect its electrical conduit system from flying engine parts.

The mechanical protection properties of Champion Haz Duct® XWall fit the bill for this project. This extremely durable conduit is bulletproof to provide maximum protection for electrical cables.

Then there was a project for a large manufacturer and operator of solar panels and solar farms. This customer was intent on PVC conduit. Vice President, Partner/CPMR George Weissinger was successful in transitioning the entire job from PVC to fiberglass conduit, so the client benefited from shorter lead times and lower prices. He’s also been successful in transitioning steel factories from steel conduit to fiberglass conduit.

In another project, digital infrastructure was planned. Fiber optic cable had to cross a railway bridge. This cable and the environment demanded a strong, durable conduit to protect the cable from different weather scenarios. Enter Champion Haz Duct® XWall bulletproof conduit again that was hung from a railway bridge. The bonus was that while super strong, the lightweight conduit added minimal weight to the railway bridge.

Knowledge = Project Results

VP of Sales & Marketing Scott Patchan notes, “We’ve enjoyed working with the Aero Sales team on quite a few unique projects. They are shrewd in their approach to customer problems, using information to find creative solutions. We value the partnership.”

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