by Scott Patchan

Champion Flame Shield® phenolic conduit is now approved for UL 2196 up to 2-Hour Listed as part of FHIT 130 & FHIT 502 for both vertical and horizontal installations when used with cable by Marmon Industrial Energy & Infrastructure Group.

The Champion Fiberglass®-RSCC combination further expands offerings for applications in tunnels, subways and underground utilities. Previously, Champion Flame Shield has been used in many tunnel projects including the Toronto Transit Tunnels and the Tuscarora Tunnel in Pennsylvania as a safe and reliable solution for electrical conduit installations.

Champion Flame Shield 2 hour rated conduit offers superior fire resistance and high-temperature stability for high-risk environments. In addition, the conduit:

  • Utilizes a phenolic curative system that does not generate latent free formaldehyde, preventing emissions and risks to contractors.
  • Can accommodate up to 7 conductors, supporting 5-conductor 3-phase Y circuits while maintaining fire load and system performance under fire conditions.
  • Permits up to 38% fill ratio under fire conditions in vertical and horizontal orientations.
  • Is manufactured by an ISO 14001:2015 registered company.

Phenolic Conduit Relevance

Phenolic conduit’s unique properties – such as its excellent fire resistance and high-temperature stability – make it a popular choice for use in various applications, including subways, bridges, tunnels, rail or transit. Champion Flame Shield is fiberglass epoxy that is resistant to chemicals, has low smoke and toxicity emissions in case of a fire, and offers good electrical insulation properties.

Traditional materials contain formaldehyde, which is a carcinogenic substance and can be harmful to human health. Champion Flame Shield offers the benefits of traditional phenolic materials without the potential health risks associated with formaldehyde. It’s an example of how Champion Fiberglass® continues to innovate and improve materials while addressing environmental and health concerns.

Fire-rated Electrical Conduit In Action

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) required a reliable and safe solution for electrical conduit installations in its subway tunnels. They needed a material that could withstand high temperatures and humidity, as well as offer excellent fire resistance. Champion Fiberglass’s Flame Shield Phenolic Conduit emerged as the ideal choice for this project, as it met NFPA 130 requirements and provided a cost-effective, lightweight and easy-to-install solution.

Installation proceeded smoothly and efficiently, with the TTC benefiting from the safe and reliable electrical system provided by the Champion Flame Shield phenolic 2-hour rated conduit. The success of this project highlights the conduit’s suitability for use in demanding environments where safety and durability are paramount concern.

Learn more about Champion Flame Shield® Phenolic Conduit.

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