Why Fiberglass Conduit?

Champion Fiberglass electrical conduit is a lightweight, durable option that provides lasting savings when compared to other materials.

Start building savings today.

Champion Fiberglass conduit (RTRC), strut, and hangers offer unique opportunities to build savings while meeting project specifications. Today, you’ll find Champion Fiberglass conduit being utilized by industries across the board; from pipeline, chemical, and wastewater treatment projects to port authority, transportation, utilities, and data center applications.

Click the drop-downs below to see why engineers are increasingly specifying fiberglass conduit manufacturers – and Champion Fiberglass conduit specifically – to help them solve their challenges. The comparison chart also clearly shows how our fiberglass conduit stacks up against PVC, Galvanized Rigid Steel, and Aluminum in crucial areas like weight, corrosion resistance, and installation cost.

It’s time to upgrade our expectations of conduit in the field. From corrosion resistance to avoiding “burn through,” Champion Fiberglass is the best choice of conduit for approved applications from an engineering standpoint.

Unlike some other materials, fiberglass will not melt or weld wire to the inside of the conduit under fault conditions.

Fiberglass does not release toxic halogens (i.e. chlorine and bromine) when burned.

With a low coefficient of thermal expansion, good UV stability and the ability to retain its properties in a wide range of temperatures, fiberglass conduit and accessories can be used in any number of ambient conditions for year-round installations.

Fiberglass has one of the lowest coefficients of friction available today for conduit systems and is completely resistant to the corrosive properties of current pulling lubricants.

Fiberglass is shown to retain shape after impact or compression, giving it the flexibility and strength to stand up to extreme conditions, such as earthquakes, better than many other options.

All Champion Fiberglass products are manufactured in the United States, ensuring quality and qualifications for domestic supplier requirements.

Fiberglass is already one of the most economical options available. With its lightweight nature and ease of cutting, fiberglass conduit and accessories create additional savings through easy installation and handling—which means a reduction in labor costs. With the ability to run conduit at longer lengths with fewer manholes needed during installation, the choice for fiberglass is a choice for significant savings throughout the duration of a project.

And with solid performance that stands up to a wide range of ambient environments, fiberglass is built to last—passing along savings to those who manage or operate any finished projects.

When compared to other in-market conduit materials, Champion Fiberglass conduit offers the lowest weight without sacrificing rigidity – making it easy to handle and easy to install. It also features one of the lowest coefficients of friction available today for conduit systems, offering a number of additional benefits from no “burn through” when pulling cable to a reduction in the number of manholes necessary for installation, when applicable.

Champion Fiberglass has the most advanced production facilities for the manufacturing of conduit in North America. In every round of production, our highly skilled engineers utilize and closely monitor a proprietary winding process to achieve maximum strength and rigidity. Additionally, we utilize a special cooling bath process to develop the proper characteristics in every product.

Every step in the process is carefully monitored, managed and tested, so our products stand up to the most stringent quality standards. It’s what helps us stand out from the rest of the pack—and what helps you do more on every project. Champion Fiberglass is the only conduit manufacturer that has the prestigious ISO 9001 certification.

  • 100% digital facility
  • Efficient LED lighting
  • Real-time monitoring
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified, ISO 14001:2015 certified

It’s not hard to find a Champion. From wastewater treatment plants to subway systems, Champion Fiberglass conduit, strut, and bridge hangers are delivering big performance for big projects all across the United States. Our products include:

Designed and constructed to perform in above ground, subterranean, and hazardous environmental applications, Champion Fiberglass is the solid choice for every project.

Champion Fiberglass Conduit is available in a wide range of lengths, diameters, and thicknesses – but beyond that, we also work closely with our customers to develop custom solutions. Whether that takes the form of a UV-resistant coating specific to tropical climates and sun exposure or color matching a specific shade needed for your design, Champion Fiberglass delivers.

View the full desktop website or download the factsheet to see how fiberglass stacks up against to competition and to see the features and advantages.

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