See How Champion Fiberglass is Infiltrating Football Stadiums Nationwide

From the SEC and the Big Ten all the way to the NFL, Champion Fiberglass is getting into football stadiums all across the country – literally.

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What we mean is Champion products have been specified for some of the most innovative new stadium construction and renovation projects in the NFL and college football, including:

  • Atlanta Falcons’ new Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  • Minnesota Vikings’ new U.S. Bank Stadium
  • Texas A&M’s Kyle Field (Click Here to read the full case study)
  • The University of Michigan’s Michigan Stadium
  • Ohio State’s Ohio Stadium

While the exact scope of each project differed, Champion Duct® fiberglass (RTRC) straight conduit was specified for portions of underground conduit system installations on each stadium. The Kyle Field and Ohio Stadium projects were also specified Champion elbows for their particular installs.

Benefits of Champion Duct – No Matter the Project

With superior qualities compared to other conduits, Champion Duct® RTRC offers:

  • Lower installation labor rates
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Superior strength to weight properties
  • Very low coefficient of friction

It is also UL & CSA approved for above and below ground installations giving our customers the ability to “do more” – all with comparable cost competitiveness to other conduit systems.

Champion Off the Field

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass conduit, Champion has enabled our customers tackle dilemmas unsolved or underserved by other conduits since 1988. Our products have been used for a wide range of conduit applications in wastewater treatment plants, utilities and more – providing excellent results for our customers.

So, no matter the challenge – whether it’s for a brand-new NFL stadium or your next project – think Champion Fiberglass. To learn more about our products, contact us directly or find a rep for more details.

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