Based in Gilbert, AZ, sales leader Bill Wilkins exemplifies Electric Sales Unlimited’s mission of redefining excellence and innovation in the electrical landscape. 

ESU, a California corporation founded by John DeFazio in 1976, is a manufacturers’ representative firm specializing in construction, industrial and energy management products for the electrical industry. Since its inception, ESU has remained committed to surpassing expectations, setting new standards of performance and cultivating a reputation as one of the industry’s largest and most effective representative firms.

At the heart of ESU’s success is a team of 55 dedicated management and sales representatives, customer service and operations associates, service center experts, and IT specialists. With resident sales representatives stationed strategically in Arizona, ESU ensures accessibility for their valued clients.

Bill’s deft guidance and expertise are instrumental in driving ESU’s mission forward. His deep knowledge of the electrical industry and commitment to delivering top-notch service make him a key player in ESU’s success. With Bill at the helm, ESU aims to evolve Arizona’s electrical arena with experience and labor-saving solutions.

“Bill Wilkins is an invaluable part of the ESU team, and his dedication to excellence is evident in everything he does,” said Scott Patchan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Champion Fiberglass. “With Bill leading the way, ESU is well-positioned to make a significant impact in Arizona’s electrical industry.”

Chuck Beadle, Executive Vice President of Sales at ESU, echoes these sentiments, saying, “Bill’s leadership and industry knowledge have been instrumental in our growth and success. His commitment to our customers and his passion for delivering innovative solutions align perfectly with ESU’s values.”

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