WIth a penchant for understanding products and customers needs, RB Sales offers creative solutions in the electrical industry. This rep firm’s approach engages the contractor and the distributor as partners in success.

Serving the Midwest for 44 Years

RB Sales was founded in 1977. As a rep firm, their territory includes Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Western Missouri. Their sales focus includes the industrial market such as grain and meat processing, the commercial market (multi-unit condos and schools), and data centers. The company is now led by second generation leader President Bill Devereaux.

As a company, RB Sales values hard work, ingenuity and integrity. Their company philosophy, exemplifying an energetic approach to business as expressed by Bill Devereaux, is “Hunt it, kill it, drag it home.” Also important to the organization is understanding customers and their challenges.

A Focus on Customers

Devereaux explains. “We strive to understand our customers and their pain points. We are big on features and benefits and helping end-users recognize the value of products. That way, they see it for the value It provides, not just a price. An example of this came during the existing PVC shortage, as it opened the door to opportunities where fiberglass conduit provided a meaningful alternative for one or more reasons. Devereaux elaborates, “When we first partnered with Champion Fiberglass, the market value was largely based on fiberglass elbows. We saw the market disruption as an opportunity to expand our customers’ knowledge with a new product. In jobs where fiberglass conduit was a solid alternative, the process has come to involve more than elbows and this exposure to the product in the field for its durability, light weight and lower cost (both material and installation) has made a lasting imprint on several installers.”

Project Successes

Recent project successes have come in the form of data center projects, a flood control project and in utilization at the contractor’s prefab shop.

During the construction of a data center this summer, the conduit on order was not going to be available in time. With supply chain issues, added lead times, and increasing costs, the contractor agreed to discuss alternatives and look at a few samples. This contractor was sold on fiberglass conduit as an alternative based on ease of installation, especially with the speedy gasketed connection couplings, competitive material pricing, shorter lead times, lighter weight contributing to substantial labor installation savings, and elbow resistance to cable burn-through during cable pulling.

Further, RB Sales has seen favorable outcomes when they supply materials to a contractor’s prefab shop. In these situations, duct banks are pre-assembled and built prior to installation at the job site. The conduit’s light weight and easy installation results in a streamlined fabrication process as well as a nice project installation jump start.

Nate Acosta of Capital Electric Line Builders explains why he chose Champion Fiberglass conduit when working with RB Sales. He says, “We used Champion Fiberglass 90-degree elbows in place of GR elbows for underground feeder stub-ups. The light elbow weights have increased production output of assemblies, made overall assemblies much lighter, allowed for less and lighter gauge steel for frames all while making our job easier and safer to handle in the field. RB Sales helped us with demonstrating and showing the value of the available products, as well as addressing and supporting any questions and concerns we had along the way.”

The Working Relationship

RB Sales has represented Champion Fiberglass since 2019. Bill Devereaux says that the relationship from the beginning has been based on robust honesty. It has provided RB Sales a clarity that helps the end-user understand the value of Champion Fiberglass. Champion Fiberglass Regional Sales Manager Kent Brown agrees, “The relationship is a two-way street.”

Steady Growth

Sales strategies are paying off for the rep firm. In over 20 years, RB Sales has grown their employee team nearly three-fold and greatly increased sales. Soon the company will move into a new facility that they have purchased with the next generation of employees in mind. Adds Brown, “RB Sales does a tremendous job representing the Champion Fiberglass product line. They are solution-focused, truly part of the team.”

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