Why Conduit Choice Matters in Electrical Engineering Projects

When electrical engineers approve materials for a spec list, conduit doesn’t always rank highest on the list of importance; but in today’s economic environment – where there’s less time, money and resources – concerns about quality and longevity for all materials, including the conduit, need to be closely evaluated.

Beginning Your Conduit Evaluation

One of the best places to begin in your conduit evaluation is to consider the varying types of conduit on the market, including fiberglass, PVC-coated steel, and aluminum.

While there’s a pre-conceived notion in the industry today that PVC-coated steel is the premiere choice for conduit, that’s a general misconception. In the vast majority of cases, industry research has shown fiberglass conduit is stronger and more durable, with better non-corrosive properties than other types of conduit. A recent white paper released by Spring, TX-based Champion Fiberglass, a specialized conduit manufacturer and distributor, found 21 ways in which fiberglass conduit offers a better alternative to PVC-coated steel – especially when it comes to overall strength and durability.

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Selecting the Right Conduit for Your Project Applications

So when it comes time to select which conduit you’ll need for your project, one size certainly does not fit all, and there are most often varying conduit applications needed for any given project.

As is often the case, engineers will use a spec list from a previous project for a new assignment. And while this isn’t a bad practice, every project has its own unique challenges, and most engineers find it’s worth taking a few moments up-front to evaluate which type of electrical conduit will offer the best and most optimized solutions for their project.

To assess the needs for your project, download this handy comparison chart from Champion Fiberglass to see how fiberglass stacks up to similar offerings for everything from corrosion resistance to conductivity to field handling and more!

To learn about all the benefits fiberglass conduit can bring to your project, contact a Champion Fiberglass rep.

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