New, Enhanced Website Launches

We’re excited to announce that the newly enhanced website has launched. After months of collaborating, designing, developing, and migrating, the new site is now live.

Screenshot of new Hompage for Champion Fiberglass.

Better UX for Customers, Reps and Visitors

The goal of the upgrade is to better meet the needs of our customers — engineers, contractors, project managers and stakeholders such as our Rep network —  while guiding visitors to learn more about fiberglass conduit and the solutions it provides.

We’re excited to offer increased interactivity and intuitive design that allows for easy access to information. As you know, is a resource-rich site, loaded with helpful information and tools like catalogs, case studies, videos, guides and calculators. You will notice improved visuals, new features and a better user experience for visitors.


Most notably, our homepage has been enhanced to be more visual, clean and modern. For the most part, our main navigation — Why Fiberglass, Products, Applications and Resource sections remains the same with subtle enhancements, such as expanded visual menus underneath, and new page layouts. New to this main navigation is Projects, a page that features many of our case studies.

New website navigation screenshot

On the main navigation, right hand side, remains a search bar, and links to training videos, contact us, calculators and find a rep.

A few items that used to be in our top navigation, now find their home in an expanded footer section of the site. These pages include About Us, News, and Conduit Champ as well as links to our social presence on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Lastly, you will see links to industry organizations and important credentials, such as ISO and Made in America, in the footer.

We hope you enjoy the fresh look and easy access to information as you search for fiberglass conduit solutions.

We invite you to click around to get to know the new and enhanced For any feedback, send comments to

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