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Fueled by legislation, new technology and the growth of the renewables sector, the power and utilities industry is experiencing rapid growth and evolution. Additionally, weather and security are driving valid power infrastructure concerns around resiliency and reliability. This translates into increased utility construction projects, many involving buried installation.

Lighter, cost-effective fiberglass conduit is a reliable solution for these types of projects. It offers lighter weight than PVC and GRC to ease installation and corrosion resistance to protect cables.

In addition, low coefficient of friction Champion Fiberglass Elbows eliminate burn-through for cable dense projects and are fault resistant for easier cable replacement in utility projects. And Champion Utility Risers provide corrosion resistance so conduit need not be wrapped with costly non-corrosive tape as GRC elbows are, saving installation time and materials cost. More details on these solutions can be found in the Utility Solutions Guide.

Other resources for sharing with engineers, contractors and end-user customers for utilities applications include:
Champion Fiberglass Utility Applications
Fiberglass vs. the Competition Comparison Chart
[Updated] The No Burn-Through Elbow Guide

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