Marketing Uptick Continues

Our marketing partner, Savage Brands, provided a campaign overview at Champ Camp that illustrated all the strategies Champion Fiberglass employs to build awareness and generate qualified leads for reps. This includes advertising in trade publications such as EC&M, Electrical Contractor and more, advertising on Google and LinkedIn as well as email campaigns, blogs, social media, and video outreach. There were some exciting results this year such as one blog receiving over a million and a half impressions, more than the Champion Fiberglass homepage.

As you know, education is a big part of the Champion Fiberglass marketing strategy. We are constantly educating about the solutions our products provide. As a rep there are specific actions you can take to help us spread awareness of fiberglass conduit, which will help multiply marketing efforts.

Reps can:

  • Reshare social content so it is exposed to a wider audience.
  • Engage in social content by liking and commenting on posts. This helps posts rise to the top to get shown in more feeds.
  • Share case studies with customers because they show relevant real-world solutions.
  • Share content – everything from guides to comparison charts to project photos and videos – regularly with potential customers. Content can be found on the website and in RepFiles.
  • We’re always looking for feedback regarding projects and marketing ideas you might hear on the street. For example, we advertise in a publication a rep recommended and we’ve had great success with it. We are happy to implement any ideas that make the buying journey easier for customers.

If you have a project that you’d like considered as a case study or any helpful, educational customer tool suggestions, email us with details.

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