Champion Fiberglass® has added another UL designation to its conduit.

Champion Flame Shield® phenolic conduit is now approved UL 2196 FHIT28E for RHH 600V Applications when used with Radix Wire & Cable.

UL 2196 is known as the “Fire Test for Circuit Integrity of Fire-Resistive Power, Instrumentation, Control and Data Cables.” During the test, cables are energized at their maximum rated voltage or maximum utilization voltage and evaluated for circuit integrity. Following the fire test, the assembly is subjected to a hose stream test.

Champion Flame Shield® phenolic RTRC conduit and Radix Wire & Cable conductors passed this stringent two-hour fire-rated test. They are now certified and meet the code requirements for circuit survivability and for protecting critical emergency systems under fire conditions.

When used together, DuraLife RHH Two-Hour Fire-Rated Power cables and Champion Flame Shield phenolic conduit provide an easy-to-install, cost-effective means of fire protection. The cable and conduit are two-hour certified for both vertical and horizontal installations with up to four cables per conduit.

Champion Fiberglass phenolic electrical conduit meets the most stringent industry requirements including 2-hour fire and flame resistance, high temperature ratings, and low smoke characteristics.

In addition to the new UL 2196 FHIT28E for RHH 600V Applications when used with Radix Wire & Cable, Champion Flame Shield also meets the following fire safety designations:

  • Withstands temperatures up to 1850℉ for 2 hours
  • Meets NFPA 130, NFPA 502, ASTM E84, ASTM E136, ASTM E162, ASTM E662, and Flammability Classification UL94 VO
  • No smoke, toxic halogens, chlorine, or formaldehyde are released when burning
  • UL 2515-A Listed for Champion Phenolic XW® conduit

The Champion Fiberglass conduit and Radix Wire & Cable combination is most frequently used in transit tunnels. Other applications for phenolic fiberglass reinforced epoxy conduit include hospitals, places of mass assembly, high-rise buildings, utilities, elevator shafts, and any locations that include life safety systems or emergency lights, fire pumps, elevators, ventilating fans, and emergency generators.

Learn more about how Champion Flame Shieldphenolic fiberglass conduit pipe was used in a tunnel project.

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