Thomas Clarke worked for Champion Fiberglass in the summers throughout college. Now he is full time in the role of Engineering Assistant. Read more about what he does, his thoughts on the company and his two accents.

Tell us about your role at Champion Fiberglass.

My position at Champion Fiberglass is Engineering Assistant. This role includes creating cut sheets of our products for sales, creating and managing BIM files, project management on special projects, and research and development.

Tell us about your background.

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, but grew up in Spring, Texas. I originally interned at Champion Fiberglass starting in the summer of 2018 and continued interning whenever I was home from university at Texas A&M. Then in January of 2020 I took the full-time position as Engineering Assistant and have been working here since then.

Please comment on the electrical conduit market and the role of Champion Fiberglass in it.

Champion Fiberglass is the leader in the fiberglass conduit industry, and we are continuing to grow. We are constantly expanding into new markets as more people begin to see the benefits of fiberglass conduit. Our lower costs on installation and labor as well as our great customer service is part of what makes Champion Fiberglass a great company and the leader in our field.
What do you enjoy about working at Champion Fiberglass? Can you say something about the company mission, values and culture?

I enjoy the wide range of work I get to do. Each day brings up new problems to solve and no two days feel the same. I also enjoy how close knit we feel as a company. Everyone around the office knows each other and it makes coming to work every day enjoyable.

How do you spend your time when not working?

I normally golf several times a week with friends or family. I work out in the evenings, and spend the other nights watching sports and playing video games. I love watching any of the Houston teams play and enjoy playing Call of Duty and FIFA.

Tell us something people might not know about you.

Most people don’t know that I have two accents. Growing up with Scottish parents, but going to school in Texas made me develop two different distinct accents that change depending on who I am talking to. I sound like a Texan around the office and with friends, but when I’m at home with family I have a Scottish accent.

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