Kent Brown brings a depth of electrical industry sales experience to the Champion Fiberglass team. As president of an electrical manufacturer sales agency, he represented the Champion Fiberglass line for many years before joining the company. Read more about this transplanted Texan and his unique perspective, including his first Champion Fiberglass sale nearly twenty years ago to a facility that is still operating today.

Tell us about your role and background.

I have been with Champion Fiberglass for just over two years. I serve as Regional Sales Manager, responsible for sales in the central and west central United States and some Canadian provinces.

After graduating from Weber State University with an electrical engineering technology degree, I worked at Boeing and Allen Bradley (Rockwell) in the Salt Lake City market before starting the representative agency in 1997.

I have over thirty years of sales experience within the electrical industry. Most recently, I served as President and Principal of Pinnacle Sales, an electrical manufacturer’s representative in Utah.

About two years after starting the agency, we picked up Champion Fiberglass conduit and witnessed steady growth over the years representing this line.

Where do you see Champion Fiberglass in the electrical conduit market?

It has been exciting to see the growth and acceptance of fiberglass conduit over the years from when I represented the Champion Fiberglass line in the late nineties to now.

I remember traveling with President Goran Haag to some very corrosive facilities in the west desert of Utah and receiving one of our first large orders at a company that was replacing PVC-coated rigid steel every couple of years. This job was completed nearly 20 years ago and the Champion Fiberglass conduit is still functioning at this facility today.

We then helped get a major utility to specify Champion Fiberglass elbows and saw tremendous growth in the Utah and Idaho markets.

In my role of regional sales manager, I now have the opportunity to see other markets in the U.S. and Canada and am excited to be a part of the team of representatives and sales managers that continues to drive fiberglass conduit products into the electrical markets.

What do you enjoy about the culture and working at Champion Fiberglass?

Champion Fiberglass is a great place to work. Every individual on the team is passionate about what they do. Our management, sales, support and production teams strive to keep Champion Fiberglass “best in class” in the fiberglass products we manufacture and sell.

The culture here is very family oriented and focused. We work hard while here then ensure we spend quality time with our families.

How do you spend your time when not working?

I enjoy hunting, fishing and golfing when I have time. My wife and I now have three grandchildren and we enjoy spending time with them out on our ranch.

Tell us something people might not know about you.

We bought some land east of Austin three years ago thinking we would retire there from Utah. Little did we know we would be changing jobs and living there just one short year later. We now have 18 head of cattle, 20 chickens, deer, coyotes, bobcats and a bunch of wild pigs. We love living and working in Texas.

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