He’s a thrill seeker and little league baseball coach. This month we welcomed Xavier Horn to the Champion Fiberglass family, where he’ll be working as a project specialist. Get to know Xavier.

Tell us about your role at Champion Fiberglass.

I’m the Project Specialist here at Champion Fiberglass. Not only do I assist and help turn planned projects and systems into a working reality but I also handle our most important tool, the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. With that I have a hand in controlling all the key functioning aspects such as purchasing, production scheduling, production coordinating and inventory as well as problem solving system issues throughout the office.

Tell us about your background.

I was born in Houston and raised in Missouri City. I attended Stephen F. Austin University and Houston Community College before going into the oil and gas industry. I began as an operator before becoming inventory control manager in nine months. From there I became a strategic sourcing specialist and developed multiple warehouse projects and integrated warehouse management systems (WMS). With that experience I became a project manager for the next two years. Although I enjoyed my role as a project manager, the oil and gas fluctuation is something I couldn’t handle so I decided to call it quits and switch industries after nine years. The decision to change industries is what landed me here at Champion Fiberglass.
Please comment on the electrical conduit market and the role of Champion Fiberglass in it.
The electrical conduit market is a rapidly growing market that continues to show great strides even in a challenging year like 2020. Champion Fiberglass continues to grow and control more and more of the electrical conduit market, as was shown in our recent feature in Composites World Top Shops of 2020.

What do you enjoy about working at Champion Fiberglass? Can you say something about the company mission, values and culture?

I enjoy working here because every day is a new project, we specialize in a lot of customization so no two days are alike and every day has a new adventure. I love the fast-paced work environment and to receive an idea then oversee and assist with it becoming a reality is a great feeling that drives me to wake up and come to work. It’s easy to work in an atmosphere that communicates well and strives to get the job done because here we are driven by our service to the customer and becoming the world’s best manufacturer of electrical conduit.

How do you spend your time when not working?

Outside of work I spend the majority of my time with my wife, son and other family members enjoying family time. That’s my balance, mixed with a little traveling and sports.

Tell us something people might not know about you.

I’m somewhat a thrill seeker. On the top of my bucket list is skydiving and driving a monster truck to jump cars. I am also a two-time defending little league baseball coach.

What are you most excited about for 2021, personally and/or professionally?

Professionally, I’m excited to see the growth of Champion Fiberglass coming off a great year, as well as seeing my growth in this new career space. On a personal level, after the 2020 year we experienced, I’m excited to be here and celebrate 10 years of marriage this year.

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