Don’t let her size fool you. Jackie Davis is strong. Not only can she handle a large elbow, but she’s also the backbone and strength behind Champion Fiberglass.

As human resources and office manager, Jackie Davis oversees employment strategies, recruiting and all things organizational for Champion Fiberglass. Her expertise as a business administrator ensures the office and team stay in forward motion so the company can focus on meeting customers’ needs for fiberglass conduit. Get to know Jackie Davis.

Tell us about your role at Champion Fiberglass.

I serve as human resources and office manager, overseeing employment and organizational matters.

Tell us about your background.

Before joining Champion Fiberglass in 2009, I enjoyed 20 years of service as the Community Development Block Grant Administrator for the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, as well as five years of service as a medical office manager.

Please comment on the electrical conduit market and the role of Champion Fiberglass in it.

Champion Fiberglass is the leader in the electrical fiberglass conduit market. We are committed to quality and the best customer service we can give.

What do you enjoy about working at Champion Fiberglass? Can you say something about the company mission, values and culture?

Champion Fiberglass is a great place to work where people have a sense of belonging. It is an amazing team and we truly are one big happy family!

How do you spend your time when not working?

I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling.

Tell us something people might not know about you.

I was excited to be on the Fort Lauderdale beach where the movie Where the Boys Are was filmed and got to see stars Connie Francis and George Hamilton in action.

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