Champion Fiberglass RTRC

RTRC (Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Conduit), also known as fiberglass conduit, is a conduit material that has seen steadily increasing usage among engineers and project owners.

Why Champion Fiberglass RTRC?

Champion Fiberglass leads the RTRC category, offering leading-edge conduit solutions while continuing to innovate in the RTRC space. What sets Champion Fiberglass apart?

  • Champion Fiberglass RTRC is produced in the world’s most advanced, 100%-digital fiberglass conduit manufacturing facility.
  • Champion Fiberglass recently met both ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standards.
  • In 2016, Champion Fiberglass’s UL e-File number was updated to include extended support spacing distances for Haz Duct®. In 2017, Champion Duct® Standard Wall (SW), Medium Wall (UL designates Champion Fiberglass MW for 5″ and 6″ as SW) and Heavy Wall (HW) conduit approved for expanded support spacing distances.
How can Champion Fiberglass conduit help drive project savings?

What is Champion Fiberglass RTRC?

A lightweight conduit product with built-in toughness.

RTRC (reinforced thermosetting resin conduit), or fiberglass conduit is created by tension-winding strands of fiberglass over a rotating mandrel.

The strands are laid in a precise pattern, impregnated with resin as they are wound onto a straight mandrel. (This assures the installer easy use when doing field cuts.) The RTRC conduit and RTRC conduit fittings are then cured under high temperature, creating a conduit product that features high flexural strength and high temperature resistance.

What is the difference between above ground and below ground conduit?

How does RTRC compare to other conduit materials?

Increased savings, easier installation, and strength to spare.

RTRC features the broadest range of corrosion resistance of all in-market conduit
materials. Lightweight Champion Fiberglass RTRC offers the lowest installation
rates for most diameters according to the National Electrical Contractors
Association (NECA) Manual of Labor Units.

Add low burn through, the ability to retain its shape after impact or compression,
and its ability to stand up to extreme conditions, and RTRC is a conduit that
outperforms the competition.

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Successful RTRC projects

Champion Fiberglass RTRC – conduit of choice across industries.

RTRC conduit uses are wide across applications. From utilities to wastewater treatment plants, from port authority projects to industrial/commercial construction, RTRC is increasingly the conduit of choice.

Although the reasons vary from industry to industry (increased electrical safety, a
low coefficient of friction, and fast, easy installation are a few), one benefit spans industries – lower material and installation costs build savings for everyone.

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Champion Fiberglass RTRC Products

Champion Duct®

Champion Duct® RTRC Conduit

  • Easy installation
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Superior corrosion resistance
Flame Shield Phenolic Conduit

Champion Flame Shield® Phenolic Conduit

  • Zero-smoke, zero-halogen solution
  • Two-hour fire rated (up to 1850°F)
Champion Haz Duct XW Type Conduit

Champion Haz Duct® XW Type Conduit

  • Designed to handle hazardous environments
  • Class I, Division 2 rated

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